Advance Wars: Dual Strike:

  • Hidden map

    While selecting Map Design mode, hold L + R to display a map with terrain that spells "Advance Wars". Also, there are two groups of buildings at the bottom of the hidden map. The orange buildings make the orange star symbol, while the blue buildings make the blue moon symbol.

  • Hard Combat mode

    Successfully complete Combat mode to unlock Hard Combat mode.

  • Brutal Combat mode

    Successfully complete Hard Combat mode to unlock the Brutal Combat mode.

  • Easy points

    Mission 4 (Reclaim The Skies) in Campaign mode takes only about a minute to complete, and each time it will result in 300 points. After the mission, just save the game in a different file and quit Campaign mode. Load the file for Mission 4 and repeat to get as many points as desired. Note: Make sure to save in the file marked Mission 5 after completing Mission 4. Mission 4 gives you points towards Rachael's CO ranking. Mission 2 is also quick, and is good for getting points for Jake towards his CO ranking.

  • Easy History awards

    To get awards quick (for example, "You built 50 Neotanks", etc.), make a map where the enemy is not a threat. Give yourself a lot of bases and cities. Play your map and set the funds to 9500G per city. Start building and you should get awards quickly. If you want to get awards quick for destroying enemies, surround them with units to kill them within Design mode. For example, if you want to get a lot of tanks destroyed, surround a large group of tanks with Megatanks and blast away. Just surround the large group of enemies something that they are weak against.

  • Bonus COs
  • Battle Map Shop bonuses
  • Other bonuses