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Man Strikes Roommate With Zelda Sword And Then A Kitchen Knife, Gets ArrestedA 22-year-old from Alaska is facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment.:

An Alaska man hit his roommate with a replica Legend of Zelda Master Sword before later attacking this person with a kitchen knife, police say. According to Anchorage Daily News, 22-year-old Jeremy Tazruk was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Anchorage police arrived on the scene at an apartment near the University of Alaska Anchorage campus to find a "broken television, a bloody napkin, a knife on a table and a bent sword on the floor." The police then found a person, identified in an official court document as T.P., on a nearby bike trail with a stab wound. This person was taken to the hospital with a puncture wound on the ribs.

Here's how Anchorage Daily News summed up the fracas (via Kotaku):

"According to Tazruk and witnesses, it said, T.P. started to push a roommate and flipped her onto the armrest of a chair. Another roommate tried to push T.P. away, and T.P. punched that person. When Tazruk and his fiancee, who was holding their baby, stepped in, T.P. punched both of them too.

"Tazruk's fiancee asked someone to call police. Tazruk grabbed a replica sword from the 'The Legend of Zelda' off the wall 'and tried using its sheath to hit T.P.,' the document said. After T.P. ran at him, Tazruk hit T.P. multiple times with the sword, according to the court document."

The document then explains that, with the fight escalating, Tazruk ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. After T.P. advanced on Tazruk, Tazruk "struck out at T.P. at least twice, hitting T.P. with the knife."

According to the document, "The edges of the sword were not sharp, but the tip was sharp."

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Police: NorCal man kills mother over video game anger:

A man in Ceres (Stanislaus County) allegedly shot and killed his mother after an argument while playing video games.

According to a report from the Ceres Police Department, 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson was playing video games in his room when he got upset and started yelling.

Nicholson's 68-year-old mother, Lydia, went to check on her son but Nicholson started arguing with her and ended up breaking his headset for the video game in an outburst.

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Blaming his mother for this, Nicholson threatened to kill both of his parents and retrieved a handgun from inside of the family's home.

Nicholson fired two shots into a wall, and then shot Lydia in the head. Nicholson's 81-year-old father wrestled the gun away from his son, and Nicholson drove to a relative's house in Riverbank.

Lydia Nicholson was transported to a hospital for treatment but ultimately succumbed to her injuries.

Police apprehended Nicholson in Riverbank without further incident and booked him into the Stanislaus County Jail where he is being held without bail.


Microsoft Rewards 9-Year-Old's Selflessness With Xbox One S:

An Ohio child gave up his Christmas gift of an Xbox One S to get blankets for the homeless, but Microsoft wasn't going to let that slide.

Do a good deed, everybody wins. At least, that's the holiday lesson one 9-year-old from Ashland County, Ohio recently learned. He gave up an on-the-way Christmas gift—a brand-new Xbox One—preferring instead that his grandmother take the $300 the console would cost and spend that on 30 blankets for the local homeless population.

Mikah Frye's selfless gesture caught Microsoft's attention, and the company decided to give Frye that Xbox after all. And when he picked it up at the Microsoft Store, there were a few more gifts waiting for him—two bags' worth, in fact. Not only did Frye score a Minecraft-themed Xbox One S console, but he also received some extra games and accessories.

The organization that benefitted from Frye's initial act of charity, Ashland Church Community Emergency Shelter Services, was one that his family used years' prior when they ran into financial difficulties. And Frye did a bit more than just buy some blankets for them to distribute; he also included handwritten notes for each person receiving a blanket.

"They gave me a blanket, but I had to leave it. That's why I want you to have your own blanket ... Today, I live in my own house, and someday you will too. Your friend Mikah," his notes read.

As described by Frye's grandmother, Terry Brant, Frye's own experience with homelessness likely inspired his interest in helping others. He arrived at his plan to purchase and distribute blankets after he saw some homeless individuals while he was out with his family. He asked his grandmother how they keep warm during the winter months and reasoned that providing people with a blanket might help them out a little bit.

"He knew what it was like to not have a blanket at night and have to give it back," Brant told Fox 8. "So the first thing he wanted to do is give a blanket that they could keep."

Frye's tears followed soon after he was led to the rear of a Microsoft Store, through lines of applauding employees, to receive his early holiday gifts—and meet Santa, of course.


PAX East Tickets Now on Sale:

If you want to go PAX East, now's your chance. Tickets have just now gone on sale and predictably, the site is down due to the massive influx of people trying to get their tickets.

If you want to hit F5 and try to get your own, the registration link does work eventually, and honestly, while it isn't snappy, it's much better than past years.

PAX East is held each year in Boston at the Boston Civic Center and has proven so popular, an extra day has been added. That puts it in-line with PAX West, formerly known as PAX Prime, which is the original event held each year in Seattle.

PAX East no longer offers 3-day passes, so if you want to attend for the whole weekend you need to grab an individual pass for each day.

If you haven't been to a PAX before, it's a super fun time and celebrates all things gaming, from tabletop to classic arcades and upcoming releases. It's also an awesome place to see some incredible cosplay.



CAMBRIDGE, UK - Oct. 30, 2017 - Darkness falls across the land of Gielinor in both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape from today, as players of the two MMORPGs experience the horror unleashed in their Halloween events. In Ghost Stories of Gielinor, RuneScape players will discover and play through pages of spooky tales across the game world and compile them into the Ghastly Grimoire; meanwhile, in Old School RuneScape, can players overcome and survive Jonas, a hockey-mask-like-wearing-killer stalking Gielinor?

Written by RuneScape developers and players, the tales featured in Ghost Stories of Gielinor take participants on a journey of terror, beginning with a meeting with a mysterious figure known as 'Closure'. Those brave enough to collect and experience the tales first hand will bring them together into a great tome, as well as unlock a new cosmetic item to remember this year's Halloween by: The headless rider outfit.

Old School RuneScape's event was teased on Friday the 13th this month, where a masked individual was first spotted across the game's free-to-play areas - but now the stakes have been raised, and the spectre of Jonas is on a deadly hunt for victims. Successful participants will receive the mask worn by Jonas, while players can also turn their character's skin a lovely shade of 'Zombie Blue'.

Artwork for the special in-game event can be found here:



When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk Gielinor and there's 200 million in-game gold pieces to be won by the player who can survive the longest.
CAMBRIDGE, UK - Oct. 16, 2017 - RuneScape has today opened a door to the Dimension of the Damned, a brand-new, survive-at-all-cost, PvE competitive gaming experience. Available for 10 days only, Dimension of the Damned sees players thrown into an alternate undead dimension where the dead are rising in droves.
In this parallel RuneScape universe, zombies are spawning everywhere and players must scramble for resources against the bloodthirsty hordes baying for their blood. Players must get their score as high as possible over a one-hour session and can attempt multiple sessions, but only their best will be considered for their entry to the final showdown. Taking place on October 28th, the highest scoring 1,000 players will compete in a last-person-standing, 90-minute endgame to be crowned King or Queen of the Damned.
"We've played with the idea of survival modes in RuneScape in the past, most notably with our DarkScape experiment a couple of years ago, and they've proved popular. However, as a purely PvE survival game mode, Dimension of the Damned is quite unlike anything we've released before," said Matt Casey, Senior Product Manager, RuneScape. "We're really looking forward to seeing how tactics develop over the coming days as players try to reach the finale and compete to win an incredible set of prizes, but with only 1,000 places available in the endgame expect the competition to be stiff and full of rigor (mortis)."
Dimension of the Damned is open to both RuneScape newcomers and veterans and, so all players experience the mode on a level playing field, brave souls must create new characters. These slayer-to-be characters will be rewarded with maxed-out skills during their valiant effort against the undead.
Set in the free-to-play areas of Gielinor, and with PvP disabled, Dimension of the Damned features a range of rewards for players to claim. Every participant will receive a survivor outfit and the RIP axe; the 1,000 finalists will also win a new 'The Damned' title; those in the final 10 will also have their names engraved on the statue in Falador and a Dimension of the Damned pet; and the final five will have further prizes of an all-expenses paid trip to Jagex and a year's Premier Club membership for free. The winner, in addition to bagging all previous prizes, will secure 200 million GP, lifetime RuneScape membership, a real-world zombie award, and the title 'King/Queen of the Damned'.
Assets, including screenshots and a logo, can be found here:
RuneScape's Dimension of the Damned Trailer can be found here:
Further details about Dimension of the Damned can be found at
Summoners War World Arena Championship's North American Regionals Come to an Epic Conclusion
Four Players Advance to Summoners War World Arena Championship as Com2us Post Record Twitch Viewership
LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 12, 2017) -- Summoners War World Arena Championship's North American regionals concluded with exciting finishes in Los Angeles and New York, continuing mobile gaming's growing footprint in eSports. Over 32 players competed in the bicoastal contests, with Tiger claiming victory in the New York regionals and ChuffIes as the runner up. Across the country at the Los Angeles regionals, Barion came out on top with Psy! taking second place. All four players will advance to the Summoners War World Arena Championship on November 25 in Los Angeles, California.
In addition to their live tournament, the Los Angeles regionals peak Twitch concurrent viewership topped the record established by previous Summoners Wars eSports events, including the Mobile Masters Invitational 2017 in June. The New York regionals were attended by an enthusiastic live crowd of all ages with extra seating being needed to accommodate the overwhelming turnout. Combined, the two North American regional matches surpassed more than 1,440,000 views on Twitch.

"This past weekend was the perfect conclusion to our global regionals as we head into the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017 next month," said Casey Lee, CEO of Com2us USA. "These regional qualifiers have already featured some intense match ups and we cannot thank the Summoners War community enough for their ongoing support."

Tiger, Chuffles, Barion and Psy! will join the winners from the European and Asia regionals to battle it out at the world finals of The World Arena Championship in Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theatre on November 25th with $50,000 in cash prizes.

Fans around the world can watch the epic conclusion of the Summoners War World Arena Championship on the Com2us Twitch channel:

About Summoners War
Summoners War is the flagship mobile action-RPG developed by Com2us. Launched globally in 2014, the game has ranked #1 grossing in RPG games in 98 countries (App Store) and in 95 countries (Google Play). Summoners War features over 1,000 unique characters and provides a premium mobile RPG experience gamers are able to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

About Com2Us
Com2us is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games that span across all genres. Our mission is simple. We thrive to create games with a level of depth and engagement rarely experienced on mobile platforms. Our dedication to building a robust gaming community through active engagement with our players has made this possible. Established in 1998, we're headquartered in Korea with international offices in China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. For more information about Com2us and our portfolio of groundbreaking mobile games, visit

Follow Com2us on Twitter at and "Like" Com2us on Facebook at

The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Revolver - G2A Deal #7

Hong Kong - Oct. 5, 2017 - G2A.COM, the premier digital marketplace for gaming products, has unveiled its latest bundle of games in a deal that's hard to pass up. G2A Deal #7 comes rocking with five titles in five different genres, including a tactical RPG, puzzle platformer, and even a good old-fashioned farm simulator. The list of games in the pack includes Plantera, Alien Shooter TD, The Beggar's Ride, Dungeon Rushers, and Western Press, all of which come straight from the developers and publishers themselves, with no third-party sellers involved. The bundle will cost €2.49 with a subscription, or €2.99 as a one-time purchase.

Below are details for each game:

  • Plantera - Are you dreaming of a garden but live in a concrete jungle? Then let your gardening dreams come true as you harvest plants and collect fruits and vegetables in your very own virtual garden. This casual farming simulator comes ripe with little blue helpers, irksome critters, and coins galore.
  • Alien Shooter TD - This Tower Defense game based on the legendary Alien Shooter series is perfect for the hero who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Resist countless waves of blood-thirsty invaders, build towers, and command an elite warrior platoon all in the hopes of rescuing humanity.
  • The Beggar's Ride - Embody a beggar-turned-hero in this unique platform puzzle adventure game. Join an old beggar on his journey to distant lands as you use God-like powers granted by ancient masks to solve puzzles and direct the forces of nature.
  • Dungeon Rushers - All those dungeons are just ready for the taking, but are you up to the task? Find out in this 2D tactical RPG game with turn-based combat and see just how many dungeons you can loot. Assemble a heroic dream team, craft new equipment, and even build your own trap-rigged dungeons.
  • Western Press - Can you type your opponents to death? Apparently, you can in this frontier dueling game. The rules are simple - you compete in a tournament of up to 16 players (or bots), and whoever types a 10-character string faster wins the duel and ultimately the entire competition.

All keys included in this edition of G2A Deal will be available immediately after purchase as Steam codes and will not be region-locked.

An image of the games included in the deal can be found here:

For more information on G2A.COM, visit or visit our Facebook or Twitter.
AVerMedia Announces Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus with 4K Capabilities

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Oct. 3, 2017 - AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, today unveiled the next evolution of the company's series of premium capture cards, the Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus (LGP2 Plus). This latest addition to AVerMedia's robust and diverse family of products is the ultimate tool for content creators, allowing them to enjoy their UHD 4Kp60 gameplay without a hint of lag while recording and streaming at 1080p60. The LGP2 Plus is available for purchase through Amazon.

"We appreciate the relentless passion of the streaming and gaming community. They've been instrumental in pushing us to design the new Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus for them," said Betina Huang, Marketing Manager of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. "From the 4K capabilities to low latency streaming, the LGP2 Plus will let them do things we never thought were possible."

Featuring wide connectivity, hardware compression capability, and a revamped RECentral intuitive user interface (v4.0), the LGP2 Plus is the first capture card to offer 4Kp60 gameplay while recording at 1080p60 footage without a high-spec PC. Thanks to the portable nature of the device, it can even record gameplay, commentary audio, and party chats directly to a MicroSD card, making it an essential tool for streamers and gamers to capture and share epic moments no matter where they are. UVC Plug and Play also means the LGP2 Plus is compatible with any platform, making it an accessible card by removing the need to install any drivers. Additionally, the card offers MP4 and MOV recording for easy editing and efficient uploading across a variety of services.

For more information about AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. and its line-up products, please visit:
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GungHo Online Entertainment America Inks Partnership with Signal Studios For Upcoming AAA Mobile Project

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Aug. 7, 2017 – GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc. (GOEA), today announced it has entered a partnership with Signal Studios to develop an all-new AAA mobile gaming experience. Signal Studios developed the action-strategy game Toy Soldiers and free-to-play title Ascend: Hand of Kul.

The partnership facilitates the company’s growth in the west following the launch of successful free-to-play titles such as mobile phenomenon Puzzle & Dragons and Grasshopper Manufacture's hit hack-and-slash game, LET IT DIE for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

"Our partnership with Signal Studios will add immense value to our company’s lineup of diverse and engaging experiences," said Jun Iwasaki, CEO and President of GOEA. "Signal is among the most creative and passionate studios in the videogames industry and we look forward to collaborating with them.”

The relationship properly equips Signal Studios with the resources to nourish the company’s innovation and develop engrossing new experiences for mobile audiences across the globe.

"Partnering with GungHo is an exciting move for Signal and accelerates our vision of bringing a AAA mobile gaming experience to a global audience,” said D.R. Albright III, President & Creative Director at Signal Studios. “We believe GungHo’s leadership and experience in the industry will improve our accessibility to the market and help us reach new heights as a games studio.”

For information on GOEA, visit

For more information on Signal Studios, visit is being REVAMP
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Microsoft's AI Just Shattered the Ms. Pac-Man High Score
According to Twin Galaxies, the official high score for the arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man belongs to Abdner Ashman, with 933,580 points. Or at least it did, before an artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft achieved the maximum possible score for the game, 999,990.
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